Elite Spare Tire Carrier Mounts -- MOUNT ONLY

If you already have one of our Elite Series Spare Tire Carriers, but traded out your axles at any point, or got a tire carrier gifted to you or have any other reason for trading out your mount, this is exactly what you need to swap to whichever size you need!

Options Available: 

5x4.5 Bolt Pattern 1/2"-20 Stud (Stock TJ)
5x5 Bolt Pattern 1/2"-20 Stud (JK)
5x5 14mmx1.5 Stud (JL)
8x6.5 Bolt Pattern 9/16"-18 Stud
8x170 Bolt Pattern 14x1.5 Stud

*This will ONLY be a Mount for the Tire Carrier. Your license plate mounting bracket should still be able to swap over!