Warranty Terms and Conditions:

The following conditions need to be met to qualify, including reaching out to us. No refunds will be given for parts sent back to us without this process, or which do not qualify as we cannot verify the reason/authenticity/use/etc.

  • 30 day unlimited warranty upon receipt of product across all components. Even if you don't install during this time, PLEASE check your parts. If you message us later than this, we don't know if it is something that came from one of our suppliers this way, or if there was user error later. We would love to trust everyone on their word, but uh... yeah, we can't do that, so this is required. 
  • Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims. Second hand purchases are not valid for warranty claims as the previous owner may have not been the original owner or may have made modifications.
  • Pictures and/or video of the issues must be submitted to qualify through the warranty process. 
  • As noted in the Returns area, we do not issue labels for return unless the item we sent was not the item ordered (For example, if you ordered a 1.5-4 Adjustable trackbar and we sent you a 4.5-6.5, we got you covered because that is our goof. If what you received matches what was ordered, i.e. Standard/Straight bar Crossover Steering was ordered, and Standard/Straight bar Crossover was received, we will NOT be issuing a label, as the order was fulfilled as ordered)
  • 31 days Warranty and beyond is limited to in-house manufactured products only.
  • However, any evidence of structural modification of the product is grounds for immediate warranty rejection, ie. You painted it? Probably no worries, that isn't a structural change in most cases. You welded it? Rejected. (We know our welds reaaaal good, we'll be able to tell) 
  • Any damage caused from unintended use is grounds for immediate warranty rejection.  
  • Any damage from improper installation or non-verification of part compatibility will not be covered. 
  • Collateral damages are unverifiable or are able to be manufactured, so these are not covered either--again, we would love to trust everyone, but...some d-bags keep ruining stuff for the good people. 
  • Pulled / stripped threads are not a warranty claim as that is an identifier of loose jam nuts and/or incorrect thread engagement length.
  • Corrosion is not a warranty claim. i.e. rust or layers of oxidation on various metal types. --This includes not coating a Raw Steel part. Raw steel is...well, raw steel. It can oxidize and rust without protection. Do ensure you coat it with something more protective than nothing. Even metal geared spray paints will coat well, but we do recommend stronger methods like powder coating and raptor-lining. 
  • Grease boots, (Heim) Rod ends, and Tie Rod Ends are not made in-house and are considered wear items, so they are not covered outside of the 30 days to check factory errors.
  • Parts like rebuild kits with damage can be warrantied for replacement within the 30 days, but, as noted in the product description cannot be returned for exchange or refund otherwise. (You must go through warranty process for this)
  • Over-filling joints with grease is not covered under warranty.

This warranty is non-transferable.