Shipping / Returns & Cancellations

Shipping Information


Shipping & Delivery

  • Lead Times for products to leave our facility may change without notice
  • Shipping is handled via USPS and UPS exclusively. Standard ground shipping estimates calculated by our website are estimates only.
  • Shipping amount provided online is an estimate and actual costs may vary
  • In the event there is a deficiency in shipping costs estimated during checkout and what we are charged, A member of the CavFab Staff will attempt to contact you via phone and email. If we are unable to reach you and collect the difference within 10 business days, we will cancel your order.
  • Larger items requiring freight shipping can not be calculated online.

Due to the nature of products offered, Transit time may take 5-7 or more working days AFTER the Lead time of the product. (Be sure to check the "Lead Times" area for those lead times)

  • If you have questions in regards to shipping times, please give us a call for updates (833)-422-8322.

Issues with Deliveries

If you have not received your part that reads "Delivered," please let us know, but we should warn you here that you will more than likely need to reach out to UPS as well. We will help the amount that we can and fight for your claim, but since you will be the one with the information of the claim, and the delivery was handled by them, they typically need this claim and information from you directly.  

For packages that have been damaged: 

They need a photo of every angle of the package with the package still closed. Then, they will want a photo of the package having just been opened with nothing removed. The last photo(s) they need are of the actual damage on the part. 

You will likely have at least 8 photos with all of their requirements. 

For packages that were lost/not delivered:

This is typically something that we can submit as there are no photos, but they do still ask for certain documentation, such as proof of address, information if someone was at home, etc. 

Duties and Fees

  • CavFab is not responsible for UPS import and or brokerage fees. In some cases, such as shipping to Canada, UPS may include these fees. To estimate the cost of these fees, please visit the UPS website below:



Returns policy

In the event that you are not satisfied or wish to exchange or return them for a refund, please read below:

  • Return Address: 33 N Dade Park Dr, Wildwood, GA 30757

The following requirements MUST be met:

  • No returns after 30 days from receipt of delivery. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • if the item looks like it has been installed / used for any length of time / painted / grinded/ welded / beat to shit we will reject the return request
  • A restocking fee of 15% of the retail sales price will be deducted from the refund amount (This is not waived in any case)
  • Original shipping costs to the customer will not be refunded as the shipping has already occurred
  • Customer is responsible for all return shipping costs to return the item to our facility. 
  • We do not issue labels for return unless the item we sent was not the item ordered (For example, if you ordered a 1.5-4.5 Adjustable trackbar and we sent you a 4.5-6.5, we got you covered because that is our goof. If what you received matches what was ordered, i.e. Standard/Straight bar Crossover Steering was ordered, and Standard/Straight bar Crossover was received, we will NOT be issuing a label, as the order was fulfilled as ordered)
  • You can choose any company, timeline, shipping style to send this back to us, it does not have to be the original method of shipping
  • To that end, we cannot control the prices that companies charge for shipping.  
  • Refunds are not issued until we are in receipt of the item. (In the case of exchanges, we can go ahead and run an exchange invoice, but the new order will not be sent out until we can receive the products)
  • We typically refund products as soon as we receive them, so if your intention is to do an exchange utilizing the funds from the refund as part of your payment for the new item, we need to make sure we are aware of this.
  • If you have not received an Exchange invoice from us, then you are not set up for an exchange and would simply order the correct product as you would normally if we have already refunded the product.  
  • Return Address: 33 N Dade Park Dr, Wildwood, GA 30757



Non Returnable Items

  • Rebuild kits
  • Stickers
  • Heim Joints
  • Fasteners (Bolts, Nuts, etc.)
  • Tie Rod Ends

Cancellation policy

  • Effective 11/21/2022
  • You may cancel your order at anytime before the order has shipped
  • However, a Cancellation Fee of 5% will be deducted from all cancellations after the order date above to cover the fee that is deducted immediately upon purchase. 
  • Cancellations during Site-Wide Sales are subject to a 10% Cancellation fee, as we are getting those out fast enough, it is a partial restocking fee in addition to the cancellation fee.
  • If the order ships and tracking has been added and you still wish to cancel, this will count as a restock and will be subject to the 15% fee.
  • Fees will not stack (i.e. if you have a restock with a refund, the amount deducted is still only 15%, not an additional 5% on top.) 
  • Since changing the order in this way incurs a fee, we will always get a second confirmation of the cancellation, typically with address confirmation, so do ensure to follow up any cancellation requests. 
  • If we set up a specific discount for you, such as a Build Discount, special pickup, etc, and the terms of the discount code are not met when ordered, the order will be cancelled and the 5% will still be retained, as the terms of the deal were broken. (We will attempt to contact you first about the matter to rectify it first, but upon no contact, this will be a possible course of action.)