5/8" Reamer Bit (Jeep Steering)

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This is the ideal tool for drilling the knuckles on your Jeep to fit our CrossOver Steering Systems. If you need to drill your knuckles to 5/8" this high quality reamer makes easy work of the job. We suggest using a quality reamer such as this one over a regular drill bit to prevent walking.

You will want to ensure that you have sufficient lubrication for this heavy duty bit, or it will become less heavy duty real fast. We typically use something like a gear oil, since lots of folks will have it around. Its geared for...well, gears, so its used to high heat and helps form a bond against wear. Otherwise, you really just want to make sure your oil/lubricant is graded for cutting, not something like the general (not specialized) WD-40 or straight mineral oil. Places like Magic Tap even make biodegradable versions of many cutting oils!