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Hi Clearance Front Fender Flare [4"] (TJ / LJ)

Our High Clearance Flares for the TJ/LJs provide the most amount of extra tire clearance of any fender / flare on the market. This allows you to easily run a larger tire on a smaller lift. Our high clearance fenders are a complete fender replacement, not just a bolt on flare. 


*Fits all 97-06 Jeep Wranglers & and Wrangler Unlimited

*High Clearance (Hi-Line) Fenders require cutting the hood, we do not offer a standard non high clearance design.

*Replaces the entire fender, not just the flare (Vented Side Panel allows for extra heat dissipation) 

*Requires removal of the inner fender (Highly recommended that you use our aluminum inner fenders.)

*Requires relocation of the battery (Battery Relocation mount available here. Our relocation mount is specific to our fender replacement only, we cannot guarantee fitment to any other replacement.)

*Available in a 0", 2", and 4" wide Flare. The wider the flare, the more tire coverage you will see. These 4" flares will provide the most tire coverage of any of our fender options.

*Made in the USA

*Ship Raw Steel