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Current Lead Times

Keep in mind: if you order after 3PM ET, the lead time begins the following business day, and weekday holiday days when we are closed do not count in lead time days. 
Crossover Steering: 2-3 Weeks 
JK 1 Ton Steering (Steel & Aluminum): 2-3 Weeks 
Trackbars (All): 2-3 Weeks
Trackbar Brackets: 2-3 Weeks
Short Control Arms: 2-3 Weeks 
Alpha 3-Link Long Arm Kit: 3-4 Weeks
Bumpers (All): 1-2 Weeks
Tire Carriers: 1-2 Weeks 
Most Armor: 1-2 Weeks
Inner Fenders: 3-4 Weeks
LJ Corners and Rockers: 3-4 Weeks
If your specific product is not listed, feel free to email us at info@cavfab.com
All Lead Times are subject to change at anytime. We are working hard to clear our back-ordered queue and are presently awaiting tooling, hence the longer delay than either of us want.