JK 7075 Aluminum 1 Ton Steering Kit (Tie Rod & FLIPPED Drag Link)

This kit includes both the tie rod and drag link and is 100% bolt on with the exception of drilling 1 knuckle hole to 7/8" for the drag link flip. If you do not want to flip your drag link, we offer a 100% bolt on kit also. 

The factory JK steering system is not up to the task of larger tires and offroad abuse. Our JK Aluminum 1 Ton Steering Kit is a direct replacement to the stock components. Our 1 Ton Aluminum System is constructed of 1.5" 7075 Aluminum, commonly referred to as "memory metal". The Aluminum will always bend back straight if it comes into contact with a rock or other obstacle offroad. This kit also includes new HD 1 Ton Tie Rod ends. Similar to the factory rod ends, however our 1 ton rod ends are substantially larger and will outlast the small factory tie rod ends. Our 1 Ton Aluminum Steering System will give you tight responsive steering on the street, and will allow you to no longer worry about damaging your steering offroad. We also offer this kit in steel for those that do not have a need to move to aluminum.
  • Fits all 07 - 18 Jeep Wrangler JK and JKU with 2" lift or more
  • Drag Link Flip Requires Drilling 1 Hole to 7/8" to install included taper sleeve
  • 1.5" 7075 Aluminum Tie Rod & Drag Link
  • Includes New 1 Ton HD Rod Ends
  • Designed, Engineered, Tested, and Built here in the USA
  • Ships in raw aluminum, no need to paint or powder coat, the aluminum will not rust!
  • Includes all required components / hardware needed for installation
**This is our FULL steering system and includes both the Tie Rod & Drag Link. We also sell these components separately if you do not need both! We also offer this kit with a flipped drag link option.

*We recommend this kit be installed with aftermarket wheels, the factory 17" JK wheels to not have a sufficient backspacing to allow for the larger rod ends to clear. A wheel with 4.75" Backspacing or Numerically less. If you run factory wheels with a 1" or larger wheel spacer this will suffice also*

*If you have any questions about fitment with a particular wheel, feel free to contact us for assistance.
*Due to supply chain issues, the rod ends in this kit may not be from the same supplier and may have minor visual differences between one another*