Review Giveaway Rules, Terms, and Conditions

We're Doing a Giveaway! 

Continue below for review of the rules

The oldest model we make parts for is actually where CavFab started its journey: the Jeep XJ. This modern classic began production 40 years ago, so we’re going to be giving away 100 dollars for every year since production began, total prizes equaling $4000! (Technically a little more because of the swag, but 4000 is a nice round number we didn’t want to mess up)

So that we can reward the effort that our customers have put forth, we will be selecting ten (10) people who have left us Google reviews over the years to win some CavFab gift cards! Whether the review was glowing, kind, mean, a simple “Great!,” or just a thumbs up, every review since we began will be under consideration.  Haven’t left us a review yet? That’s fine! You have 60 days to get your ducks in a row before six (6) people will win $250, three (3) people will win $500, and one (1) Grand Prize winner will receive $1000, a CavFab shirt of Choice, a CavFab Sticker pack, and a CavFab keychain! You can even use your winnings with discount codes, as this will count as money for our site like a gift card, not a conflicting discount code.


We know this is some work when you don't have a Google account already, but hopefully the reward possibility will be worth it!

  1. Go to this link to leave a review.
  2. When asked to sign in select the "Create an Account" option
  3. Select whether you would like to make the account "For Myself or "For My Business"
  4. Then Choose the option that says "Use My Current Email Address Instead" and fill in the information.
  5. Once you've filled that out, you are able to leave a review!

(If you never use that account again, that's fine! They don't send any spam to you to try and make you use it or anything like that.) 

Some Rules: 

We know rules are boring, but we gotta have a few of them. 

Review and Contact:

  1. The review can be any time prior to July 17th, at 6:59 AM EDT. 
    1. One review entry per person. 
    2. Multiple tags or multiple platforms will still be counted as one entry
    3. Try to have a picture of your build in the review somewhere. It is not necessary for the purposes of the giveaway, but it helps us out as a small business, and helps future customers to see the part in various ways.
    4. We don’t police content, but please be civil. If you’ve been having/had a bad experience, contact us directly at to try and help out first! 
    5. Mentioning an employee or others origins in a negative way, using slurs, and things of related unsavory nature will be reported, regardless of how highly we were rated in the review otherwise.
  2. Make sure to contact us with confirmation of review by July 17th, 6:59 AM EDT.
    1. Confirmation should be made by sending us a screenshot/picture of your review and including your order number in the message (not the review); if you cannot find your order number, contact us in a way where you feel comfortable providing your shipping address by which to find the order. If it was given to you as a gift, let us know who gave it to you and we can try and find proof that way (an email or phone number for the giver would be great.)
    2. The reviews will need to be dated prior to the deadline. 
    3. No contact emails/tags/stories/letters/etc. timestamped after 6:59 AM EDT on Monday 7/17/23 will be considered for this year’s drawing. If you contact us after this time frame, we will let you know that you can contact us for the next time, as the drawings have already begun. 
    4. Entrants who do not contact us will not be in the running.
  3. *By “Permanent way,” we mean a direct, text based way. We’d love to hear from you by phone for anything besides this, but this has to be searchable. If all you do is call, we won’t have a permanent, referenceable record to check anything. Several different methods will work:
    1. Email us at
    2. Carrier pigeon to 33 N Dade Park Dr, Wildwood, GA 30757
    3. Instagram message or story tag  @cavfab_4x4 (Feel free to tag us in a normal post, too, but we don’t want you to have to clutter your timeline). We will do a daily check for the story tags. We will react in some way to the tag or message for confirmation of receipt within a day, so if it does not appear we noted it, feel free to message us again or in a different way.
      1. A comment on one of our Instagram posts will not count as your entry. If this occurs, we will alert the user that they will need to follow the official rules to enter. If we see comments multiple times from the same users after the warnings, this may result in a restriction to our page. 
    4. Facebook message or story tagCavFab. We will do a daily check for the story tags. We will react in some way to the tag or message for confirmation of receipt within a day, so if it does not appear we noted it, feel free to message us again.
      1. A comment on one of our Facebook posts or your own Facebook post on a wall will not count as your entry. If this occurs, we will alert the user that they will need to follow the official rules to enter. 
  4. The review must be your own, ie. if we get a screenshot or notice from two different people for the same review, we may ask for additional information about the order, aside from the order number that will need to be provide.
    1. If you are found to be impersonating a reviewer, you will not be allowed to win the drawing.
    2. Impersonation/lying may bar you from future giveaways/contests conducted by CavFab.

**Important addition for 2024: 

If you entered last year, you can still enter this year with your same review, you do not need to write/edit/create a new one.Just shoot us an email with anything to note you would like for it to count for this year--if you happen to have the same thread to respond to us, that's ALL YOU NEED, the email will resurface for us. If its a new thread, ensure to include the screenshot and order number. (If this is on Instagram or Facebook, it will be harder to recover info and you will need to send all the necessary info again.)


  1. There will only be ten (10) winners chosen with those denominations of six (6) at $250, Three (3) at $500 and only one (1) with the grand prize of $1000, shirt, sticker pack and keychain. 
    1. Prize will only be redeemable at CavFab. 
    2. Cannot be redeemed for cash/prepaid cards/gold doubloons/Spanish silver/cypto, etc. 
    3. They can be used in conjunction with discount codes such as the Forum, Welcome, Build, GovX, etc.
    4. Gift cards will not expire.
  2. Contacting us to see if you won prior to the date of drawing (7/17/23) will not disqualify you, technically, but, like...come on, guys, we'll announce them for everyone.
  3. Winners will be selected by random number generation. 
    1. Once again, contact must have occurred before we open on 7/17/23 at 7AM EDT to be considered. 
    2. Drawings will begin at 8AM Eastern to account for the contacts from the weekend and any close to cutoff times, for delays in servers, confirmations, etc.
    3. Each entrant will be assigned a different number beginning with one (1) and going through the number of entrants. --entrants from last year who enter this year will be assigned a new number in the new list.
    4. All winners will be announced by 7/17/23 by 5:30PM Eastern.
    5. We will begin the drawing starting with the grand prize, and proceed with the drawings in descending monetary value.
    6. Only one win per entrant per giveaway
      1. If you are drawn twice in this giveaway, the higher reward will be given, and the lower value prize will have a new drawing. 
      2. You will still be able to win future giveaways.  
    7. Future contests that repeat entrants enter will randomize the new list and then randomize the number, so as to not lock entrants to the same entry number. 
  4. If you are a winner, we will contact you first by the method that you contact us by
    1. If you DM us, ensure that your messages are left open so we can contact you back
    2. If by email, ensure we are added to your contacts so it does not go to spam.
    3. If we cannot contact you by the original method, we will additionally attempt to contact you by means listed on the order number/invoice you used during confirmation contact.  
    4. If we are unable to contact you via original contact, additional means, or via the email blasts within 1 month, we reserve the right to choose a different winner.
      1. This may result in a lower tier winner being escalated to a higher prize.
      2. This may result in a new drawing with a different winner
      3. We don’t anticipate not being able to contact someone after they contacted us, we just have to have a contingency for it. We will make every effort to contact the original winner. 
  5. Winning in 2023 does not preclude you from winning if we do this in the future. 

Thanks for checking out all the rules, you superstar! If you read all the way through these, email our address with the code phrase "How much duck could a Jeep duck duck, if a Jeep duck could duck Jeeps?" and we'll shoot you a secret discount code you can use on your next order!Eyes on Microsoft Windows 11 22H2