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Quick Fist Riser Mount Bracket (All Models)

*This is only the bracket that holds the clamp. Does not include clamp*

The Quick Fist tie down clamp is a great way to secure a shovel, axe, flashlight, and many other smaller handheld items.
The one setback to the Quick Fist mount is the ability to secure the mount itself to accommodate a wide range of applications. and products. Enter the Quick Fist Riser Bracket from CavFab.
This raises the semi flexible mount from the mounting surface to accommodate larger diameter items from interfering with the mounting surface.

  • Powder coated texture black
  • CNC cut and Formed from U.S.A steel
  • Hardware to secure the Quickfist mount to the CavFab bracket included
  • Quickfist clamp shown is not included
  • Fits Quickfist part number 10010