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Frame Mounted Slider / Steps (JLU)

THE most vulnerable part of your Jeeps body is the rocker area. One decent hit from a rock and the rocker area becomes damaged and possibly even the lower portion of your door. Our CavFab Rock Slider / Steps are designed to provide extra protection to the rocker panel while being minimalistic and maintaining all ground clearance. These Frame mounted Rock Sliders are a great way to ensure your rocker panels do not take direct hit from a rock, while providing a solid platform to stand on to get into your Wrangler and provide easier access to the roof.
  • Unique Styling and Clean Design
  • Approximately 4 inch wide step at the B Pillar
  • Optional 1/4" thick Aluminum Bolt on Skin (shown in most pictures)
  • Laser Cut / CNC Formed for a Perfect Fit
  • Bolt on Installation with OEM and supplied hardware
  • Constructed from 3/16" American Steel
  • Complete Pair (Driver and Passenger Side)
  • Hardware included 
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Ships Raw Steel