JL HD Rear Lower Control Arm Mounts

The rear LCA mounts on the JL are not the most ideal for hardcore offroad use. The fact that they hang well below the axle puts them in harms way when in the rocks. These flimsy mounts can be easily damaged offroad. Our HD Rear JL mounts are designed to eliminate any worry of damaging the rear Lower arms mounts.
  • CNC Cut From 1/4" American Steel
  • Made for Hardcore wheeling
  • Provides the most protection for your rear shocks
  • Unique skid design provides smooth transition from control arms to shock mounts
  • Simple Weld on Installation
  • Includes Both Driver and Passenger Side Mounts
  • Retains factory geometry
  • Does not retain tabs for rear sway bar. 
  • Free Shipping in the CONUS