JK 1 Ton Steering System w/ Drag Link Flip (Tie Rod & Drag Link) SALE

The factory steering on your JK/JKU is prone to bending with even very light offroad use. We have designed a steering system that not only will withstand hardcore offroad abuse..but one that will also give you a phenomenal steering experience on the pavement. Our HD Steering system for the JK includes a heavy duty tie rod and drag link, completely replacing the stock steering system with much stronger parts that come with a lifetime warranty against failure.

This is the perfect steering upgrade for any JK/JKU from a daily driven rig to a dedicated trail rig. Installation is simple for the drag link flip kit. Simply drill out one knuckle hole to 7/8", drop in the provided taper sleeve, and you are done. If you do not want to drill and do not need the drag link flip, we offer this kit in a 100% bolt on configuration.
  • 1.5" 1045 SOLID Steel Construction (Substantially Stronger than Stock)
  • Drag link flip kit requires drilling one knuckle hole to 7/8" and using the included taper sleeve (if you do not want to drill, we offer our non flip 100% bolt on kit)
  • Replaces factory Tie Rod AND Drag Link
  • 1 Ton Tie Rod Ends
  • Fits any 07-17 Jeep JK or JKU (2 or 4 door) from 3.5" - 6.5" of lift. *Requires 17" Wheels with 4.5" or numerically less backspacing*
  • Retains use of factory Stabilizer mount
*If you have any questions on which kit would be best for your application, or have installation questions reach out to us at:

*We also offer this kit in 7075 Aluminum!
*Due to supply chain issues, the rod ends in this kit may not be from the same supplier and may have minor visual differences between one another*