Addictive Desert Design Race Series Bumper (Panels Included)

Addictive Desert Design Race Series Bumper (Panels Included)

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Part Number: ADSF014122670103

  • Fits 2010 to 2014 Ford Raptor
  • *Stealth Panels Included*
  • Bumper Color: Hammer Black
  • Panel Color: Satin Black
  • Top Mount: 30" LED
  • Lower Mount: 20" LED
  • Side Mount: 6" SR LEDs
  • Made in the USA

The Addictive Desert Designs Race Series Front Bumper can take your Ford Raptor to the next level. The benefits of the Race Series Front Bumper is that it doesn't completely change its stock appearance through our slim-line construction and building a bumper that was made to mold the front of your truck. The Race Series Front Bumper comes with a variety of options from lighting accessories to winch features all the way down to optional stealth paneling. The overall theme behind this bumper is to give your Raptor that race look and feel. Not only will this Bumper add security and protection but it also gets you one of the meanest looks you'll find on any Ford Raptor on the roads today. 

*Realignment is recommended after install*

Features of the Race Series include:
Slim-line construction Made to mold the front of your truck
 Ability to hold 20", 30", Dually"s and/or 6"SR Rigids
Optional winch feature
Optional stealth paneling
Give you the look and strength of a Race Raptor

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